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International Trade

Grades types : bachelor

International Trade (Bachelor's Degree)


This degree programme provides students with a complete and in-depth understanding of economic issues through a range of analytical tools in the economic, business, legal and quantitative fields, paying particular attention to their international dimension. The two curricula are: Foreign Trade and Tourism Economics.

In the Foreign Trade Curriculum, students will be provided with useful and necessary skills to allow them to manage the complexity of import-export relations in business, value investments in foreign markets and organise production processes on an international scale.

In the Tourism Economics curriculum, students will acquire the necessary skills to be able to correctly interpret trends in global tourism markets, understand the complexity and the transversality of the tourism industry and know how to set up a development plan correctly for an organisation that operates in the tourism sector (private or public) or in a touristic destination.

The course includes an internship for personal development, preferably abroad at an agreed upon business or institution.



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Bachelor of Management in International Trade (BIT)

With the globalization of business, countries are more closely linked through trade in goods, services and capital than ever before. Through this major, students will become international trade experts by understanding the economic principles of international trade and the macroeconomic policies that regulate trade among countries. Students will learn how advances in technology and transportation, multinational corporations and outsourcing are having a major impact on the international trade system. In addition, students will gain knowledge about China, which is one of the largest trading nations in the world. Graduates have found jobs in international trading companies or opened their own trading company.

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